Denim Review: Diesel Jegonfire 880A Moto Jeggings

This weeks review is on a pair of Diesel Jegonfire 880A Moto Jeggings. I chose these jeans because they are so different to the Diesel styles that I usually go for. I loved the look of them when I saw them in the store after seeing the new collection in London. They just stood out at me and I fell in love with them right away! These jeans are courtesy of Diesel UK.

The fit of these jeans is really nice. It’s super skinny, just as a jegging should be and it has a lower rise as well as being super comfortable. One thing that I have always loved about Diesel is the fact that they had different cuts and each of those cuts would fit differently all over, so the back pockets would be different as well. That always made the brand so versatile because if one cut didn’t work on your butt (instead of it being like most brands, if you don’t like the back pockets then all of the styles wont suit you) it’s completely different, you can try all of the cuts and one will work for you.

I used to be the biggest fan of Matic and Lowky as well as Nevy and Cuddy, but since those are going to be no longer available, I’m happy that I found these. I will be honest in saying these are definitely not as nice on my butt as Matic or Nevy though, the pocket placement isn’t as low down as on those two cuts, so I find these not as flattering on my butt as those, but in general, if I wasn’t comparing them to an old Diesel cut, I would be happy with how they fit me. They are flattering, especially from the front! As for sizing, I took a size 27 in these and I am usually between a 27 and 28 in normal Diesel jeans, but because they are so stretchy and lightweight, a 27 fits me really well.

The 880A wash is what grabbed my attention with these jeans. If I am honest, I never gave these a second look on the Diesel website, I glanced straight past them as I thought the wash looked too grainy and light so that put me off of them. I didn’t actually realise in the store that these were the same jeans I had seen online, that’s how different the online photos look to the actual jeans. I’m so glad I saw these in store instead because I am in love with them!

The wash is a mid blue but it has a lot of lighter and darker areas all over it. They are in the correct places though, like the lighter areas are on the knees and on the butt so it gives the illusion that they are worn in a bit and faded in those areas, as those are areas that fade the most. These also have subtle whiskering at the lap area which always adds more detail and depth to a wash in my opinion. I love the small distressed patches on these too, they are scattered around the jeans, but one of the things that I fell in love with the most with this wash was the hole at the knee. The right leg has a rip and I have always found that virtually impossible to find on a moto style jean. Purely because the moto jeans have so much knee detail already, adding rips can sometimes be too much, but not on these. I think it really makes them unique!

The front pockets on these remind me of miniature versions of the old Hush style pockets. They are really cute! Also the signature Diesel coin strip is much smaller on these so it doesn’t stand out as much. I love the moto style stitching at the knees on these too. It reminds me a lot of how c.r.a.f.t denim have their stitching. They have two full lines, one above the knee and one below and then the middle line is split so it’s just 2 short lines from each seam. The back patch is also made from bronze coloured sequins so that adds a feminine touch to them.

Overall I think these jeans are amazing and I am so glad that Diesel finally came out with jeggings! These are so comfortable and soft as well as being really pretty and detailed! Plus, these are one of Diesel’s lower priced jeans so you can’t ask for more than that! I’ve worn them quite a few times, even to the cinema and I only ever wear comfy jeans to the cinema! Buy these jeans online at Diesel for ┬ú120.

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  1. 1. Are you knock-kneed?
    2. Do you ever give a bad review of denim/pants? It seems every single review you’ve given you talk about how “amazing” “perfect fit” “best wash” the jeans/pants are when in reality a lot of times they look too tight on you or the wash is meh. Just because you’re getting paid/given the item for free doesn’t mean it’s always perfect. Some more honest reviews would be better.

  2. I’m not getting paid first of all for my reviews, I do my reviews with jeans I either buy or jeans I get sent. I am honest in my reviews, I am always honest when it comes to the back pocket placement which is important, I’m always honest about how the fabric feels as well and if I like a wash or not and I’m honest about the sizing of the jeans. Because I review a lot of skinny jeans, generally the fit of them is a really good fit, most premium denim brands know what they are doing when it comes to jeans so it’s actually hard trying to find a pair of jeggings/skinny jeans that are not very well fitted. I don’t have issues with the rise, the inseams etc.

    If I get sent a pair of jeans that I don’t like because they fit me horribly and look awful because they are too big/too small etc, I don’t bother reviewing them. I don’t see any point in reviewing those types of jeans because how can I review a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit me? That wouldn’t make much of a review. At the moment I have been reviewing a lot of jeggings because those are what are popular right now so the fabric is very thin and clingy, that doesn’t mean they are too tight for me, they just cling unlike thicker denim which doesn’t. If a pair of jeans is too tight on me then I mention that they are. Washes depend on the person, I have been working with jeans/denim and have been passionate about it for many years so I appreciate the hard work and detail that goes into some jeans. If I don’t like a wash, some people probably do like it, if I do like a wash then others will probably not like it. It’s about personal preference. And to answer your first question, yes I am knock kneed, my knees point inwards and I was born that way. If I come across a pair of jeans that fit me and look horrible or are really poorly made etc then I will say so, but up until now, I haven’t.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments about my reviews, while yours is critical, others have been very positive. Everyone has their own opinion. Yours and my own denim taste probably is completely different and that’s why you don’t agree with what I write. I do make a point with my reviews to be honest but you can also be honest in a nice way, honesty doesn’t have to be negativity. Hope that answers your questions.

  3. Lorna, you know I like you and respect your work and opinion but Anna didn’t say anything that isn’t true. She might said it in a wrong way but that’s just the way she is probably and we are not here to judge.

    With giving only positive reviews you might end up losing credibility. In life not everything is always beautiful. I do believe you are honest so… If you are honest on one side you should be honest on the other side as well. I think you should review the jeans you get sent and don’t like. Why not? “I don’t like this” also means being honest. What is wrong with saying “I got this sent, I don’t like them, I don’t like the way they fit me, the material is poor, etc etc” This way you could also help those who maybe want to buy the jeans that got your “bad” review. Of course, they should keep in mind that it’s just your opinion and not a mathematical fact! 😉

  4. I just checked their web page. This jeans loks waaaay much better on you then on the Diesel model… I’m just being honest, not flattering anybody here 😉

  5. Yeah I appreciate your comments. But I haven’t had a pair of jeans yet that I truly didn’t like that fitted me. When I come across a pair of jeans like that, then it might be different but I honestly haven’t. Like I said, premium denim brands generally know what they are doing 🙂

  6. Just giving my honest constructive criticism.
    If you think everything you review is perfect maybe someone else should do the reviews. And if you are getting sent jeans that don’t fit you etc why wouldn’t you do those reviews? because you won’t look good in the pictures? the whole point of reviews is to point out the pluses and negatives of each pair. If a certain pair runs big or small wouldn’t the information be important for your readers?

  7. You are missing my point. I can’t review a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit me because they are too big or too small, that’s silly to do that and completely unfair to the brand and everyone reading the review. I only did that one time with a pair of Goldsign jeans, I said they ran big and they were too big for me but they actually worked as a boyfriend jean so I still reviewed them. That cut was versatile enough to work both ways. But otherwise I will only review what fits me.

    Also, everyone’s opinion is different just like everyone’s body shape. I have one of those body shapes that fits a lot of jeans, loads of other people have a different shape so will fit the jeans differently, I review them based on how they fit me. If you don’t like my reviews then don’t read them. So many other people like my reviews and say that the jeans fit well if they do, it’s just your opinion that they don’t fit me well. Sure other people might have the same opinion as you but there are others who don’t. If you read all of my reviews, I do point out the pluses and the negatives of each pair, I already explained that and I always mention if jeans run big or small or true to size. I’m not really sure exactly just what you are trying to get at, if you want me to just go out of my way to find a pair of jeans I really don’t like just to review them and say horrible things about them, that’s not going to happen. Like I said before, you can point out the negatives in a nice way, like I do, just because there are negatives, you don’t have to be really horrible about them. I’m not a horrible person who does that kind of thing. My reviews are honest and plenty of people are happy with them and like them and even request them.

  8. I agree with Anna and I don’t think she’s being too harsh, she’s giving her opinion and hasn’t said anything directly negative to you. I glance over the reviews as they do not pertain to me, however, I went back and looked and I have to agree. Not every pair of jeans can be your favorite, otherwise it’s not a favorite. A suggestion, maybe go back and look at all your reviews and categorize them as best colored jeans, best jeggings etc.

  9. Lorna, I think you are missing Anna’s (and Mike’s) point. “the whole point of reviews is to point out the pluses and negatives”! Film critics do that, art critics do that….. costumers on various online shopping pages do that. That’s the whole point – to give guidance to other costumers.

    You said “I can’t review a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit”. Well, it’s the opposite – you should do just that if you are a denim expert and are doing denim reviews.

    In life, if we want to get better and better, we should thank those who are giving us their constructive criticism not those who are flattering us.

  10. When I say doesn’t fit, I mean actually doesn’t fit me because it’s too big or too small so they fall off or I can’t even get them on. I can’t review those types of jeans. I do appreciate your comments but also in life, you can’t please everyone, some people will like what you do while others wont like what you do. I can only say that I am honest in my reviews. I do not list every pair of jeans as my favourite. The last review I did before this one, I spoke about how the pockets were angled and they make your butt look smaller which I didn’t like on me, so I think you will find that is being honest. But as I have repeatedly said, you can say these things you don’t like, in a nice way, just because it’s something I wasn’t fond of it doesn’t mean I have to say it in a really negative way.

    I genuinely love these Diesel jeans, they are beautiful. I’ve been working with denim for many years and I have been obsessed with it for years, I understand everything about what makes a pair of jeans, I look into the stitching in places, where things are placed on the jeans, how the pockets are, what makes a good fit etc. Like I said before, I haven’t come across a pair of jeans that I thought were awful in every way. If you don’t believe my reviews then don’t read them. I can’t come out with something negative if there is nothing negative to say.

    I’m just repeating myself here over and over. And Ana, having someone else do the reviews instead of me because you don’t agree with what I say, that’s not going to happen. A lot of people like my reviews, so honestly, if you don’t find them to be honest, even when they are, and you disagree with what I write because we have different opinions, then I’m not worried, you don’t have to read my reviews, it’s not a problem. I’m not going to repeat myself again and again so please can you try and understand what I am trying to say?

    Oh and Mike, I do do that, when I review a coloured pair of jeans or a pair of moto jeans etc, I say they are in my top 2 along with another jean which is in my top two, if I think they are worthy of that position, that does single them out. I’m not sure that people are fully reading my reviews, instead maybe scanning them and picking out all of the positive parts instead.

  11. “having someone else do the reviews instead of me because you don’t agree with what I say, that’s not going to happen” – I never said that!!

    I also said I know you are honest!

    Are you talking about me (Ana) or the other Anna?

    You know that Im not an English speaking person so If it looked the way you think, I’m sorry.

  12. I meant the other Anna, she said that, sorry for confusing the names. What you said hasn’t come across as rude but I hope you understand what I have been writing. And I am glad you know that I am honest in my reviews 🙂

  13. I think that the neg comments are just one person under many names. Sorry im late to this but I just read this and got aggravated. You rock these and you write well. Dont listen to these people. They probably are from some competitor of Diesels and want to discredit you.

  14. Thanks Steven! Oh it’s fine, I don’t take it to heart. I learned a long time ago that you can never please everyone, some will either like or dislike what you do, no matter what it is as everyone has different personalities, so it’s not a problem. As long as there are people who appreciate my reviews and like them (which I know there are plenty of) then that’s the purpose of doing them. So don’t worry! I take it with a pinch of salt as long as I have a chance to explain myself when wrong accusations are made 🙂 🙂

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