Denim Review: c.r.a.f.t Rock & Roll Queen jeans in Comfty

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans from c.r.a.f.t which I got sent to try by the brand. It’s their Rock & Roll Queen skinny ankle zipper jeans in Comfty2. This is what the tag says, but I can’t actually find these jeans online unfortunately as I believe they are a new wash. I was really intrigued with trying this brand as I have seen them around quite a lot and I loved the look of them.

The fit of these jeans is very skinny but the inseam is quite long. As these have ankle zippers on them it means that they don’t fit me quite right because my legs are not super long. The zippers bunch up a lot and don’t lie flat against my calves which is how I like them to look. This is always a problem when you get standard inseams on jeans and they have aesthetics like ankle zippers. I always think it’s best to add these kind of details to ankle peg jeans so then they have that universal fit of being slightly cropped on the longer legged ladies but normal fitting on the shorter legged ladies. The inseam runs at 31.5″ so hopefully that can help you out.

The one thing I found really funny when I put these on was that they actually button up the other way! The button is on the other side so it feels like you are buttoning them up in reverse. This is a little hard to get used to but it’s not something that’s a problem. Some of the belt loops are diagonal which I think is really cool too.

The little details on these jeans I think are what makes the brand. The signature thread going through the middle of the back pockets in a running stitch is really pretty! I’ve always been fond of that when looking at the jeans. I heard you can actually pull this out and be left with lighter lines of denim underneath too. The back patch is actually made of a papery fabric which has their big label attached to it. You are supposed to cut this off, as I did, but I don’t think this patch will actually stay on for a really long time, I think once you wash the jeans a few times, it might disintegrate. I haven’t washed these as they are brand new but it rips quite easily. I could be wrong though and it would be great to get your input on the back tag if you have owned a pair of c.r.a.f.t jeans for a long time.

I took a size 27 in these which is my usual size and they fit me, but they fit me quite tightly. It’s sort of a strange fit because they are very tight in the waist band and the butt area, but they fit me in the legs, so if I were to size up to a 28, they might be better in the waist and butt, but they would be too baggy in the leg area. What I have concluded is that c.r.a.f.t jeans will be amazing for the slimmer ladies who don’t have a bigger butt and who don’t have a lot of hips. I can see them fitting perfectly on fashion models which is why I think they fit Kate Moss so amazingly! She does look incredible in them.

The fabric for these is 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane so they are quite stiff. I found it hard getting used to normal jeans again after I have been living in jeggings for so long. These don’t have much stretch to them and feel quite rigid, but I haven’t worn them enough to stretch them out properly to my body shape. The back pockets on these, although they are super pretty and a really good shape, I find them to be slightly too spaced apart. That’s my personal preference though as I am incredibly picky about the back pocket placement. This could be due to the butt area being quite small though. I find these jeans flatten my bum quite a lot combined with the cut and the thicker fabric, but like I said, I haven’t let them mould to my body shape yet so this might not be the case after quite a few wears.

The wash of these jeans though is really pretty. It’s a medium blue with faded areas and like the classic c.r.a.f.t jeans which are famous, they have the 3 lines at the knees, to create the illusion of motorcycle jeans. I love this! None of the lines go right across the front of the jeans though, they are both short on each side of the knees which I think is cute. I think this is one of the brands nicer washes actually!

I also wanted to point out just quickly, if you plan on buying these jeans at all for a gift for someone younger, the button actually does say what the brand stands for (can’t remember a f*****g thing) but without the stars. The label inside is starred out, but the button isn’t, so I just thought I would mention that just in case. I did find a similar wash pair of these jeans on in the sale for only ┬ú56!

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  1. Great review Lorna. Jeans look great, this is really my kind of outfit too, a smart/casual jumper with heelsis my favourite combo 🙂 ps your fringe looks great too!