Ashley Tisdale in Diesel & Vanessa Hudgens in One Teaspoon

It’s nice to see best friends Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens out together again! We used to spot them doing shopping with each other all the time, but we don’t so much anymore more. They were seen leaving Ralphs Supermarket in Los Angeles, California and then later met up with Vanessa’s boyfriend, Austin Butler, to pick out a Christmas tree.

Usually when we spot Ashley, she never looks too happy to see the paps, but it looks like she doesn’t care about them when she’s with Vanessa. I guess they have too much of a good time to care! Ashley wore a pair of her old jeans, her Diesel Matic 8SH skinny jeans. It’s been ages since I have seen these! I haven’t worn mine in over a year or more either. Vanessa wore a pair of One Teaspoon Stevie Flares. I remember when they used to dress really similar, you can see the difference in their style now from a mile away! Buy these online at

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