Ashley Olsen in Custom-Made Jeans by Maxfields LA

Ashley Olsen is back in her custom-made jeans by Maxfields. This time they are not the same state as they once were. The knees are really blown out. I wonder if she is cold. I have heard that it has been freezing in New York. I guess the long coat and scarf might help with warming her up. Ashley finished off her look with sunglasses and a The Row bag.

I wonder if we will be seeing Ashley or Mary-Kate wear some of the neon colors from their Textile line. I think they’ll look great in the Jimi in Aqua Glass. They don’t seem to have a severe allergy to color like Kate Moss and are more willing to try more stand-out pieces for everyday. You can click here to get the same style of these with their Smashton jeans from The Row for $270 at TheCorner.

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  1. Kate’s getting older and i guess she wants to keep her life and style in low profile. she and Emmanuelle Alt style is the same, always black black black. they don’t want any attention i guess.

    Didn’t Donald Versace say Carine Roitfeld likes to take her picture taken? she likes to wear attention grabbing outfits and enjoy the spotlight which Kate and Emmanuelle try to avoid. especially some ppl get excited when their outfits were shown on fashion magazines and blogs.

    i think Ashley is channeling the Kate’s way in fashion department. her fashion highlight was in 2007, but now she tries to go unnoticed. you wouldn’t recognise her when you walk past her because her style now is so commonplace.

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