Kate Moss in Siwy

Kate Moss was caught out and about in North London carrying a newspaper. She wore a pair of Siwy Hannah jeans in One Love with some boots, a sweater and a shaggy vest. This is a classic Kate outfit, monochromatic from head-to-toe. I think if anyone besides she and Victoria Beckham would wear all gray (other than a suit) it would look weird. Them two have made it their signatures, so it works for for them.

I read recently that Kate has not seen the McQueen Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. She has even said that she was thinking about experiencing it on a regular day with a wig on so she will not get noticed. The exhibit is now over, so I wonder if she ever got around to seeing it. I’m sure though that she might be able to just walk into the McQueen offices and take a look at the archives whenever she wants. Click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22 for $185.