Josh Hutcherson in Levi’s

Josh Hutcherson appeared on Good Morning America in New York. He wore a double denim look consisting of some gray jeans with a Levi’s Trucker Jacket. I think that Josh is one of the greatest actors of his age. He seems to be very passionate in the roles that he takes and plays them well.

I saw the new trailer for The Hunger Games and it looks amazing. This has to be the first movie out of the ones with huge followings (i.e. Twilight and Harry Potter) that I have really been interested in watching. The trailer already touched me with the scene when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers herself over her sister. I’m sure the rest of the movie will be just as great. You can check out the trailer below and click here to purchase this jacket from the Levi’s website.


  1. I love the look, I’m a casual kind of gal. The jacket is a classic and looks great with the gray jeans. Oh, and the movie looks good too, can’t wait to see it.