Favorite Celeb Outfit: Zac Efron

We see the celebs wear so many different outfits, we thought it would be fun if our readers got to pick their favorite! Here are all the various outfits we have blogged Zac Efron in and please vote for your favorite! We mean your favorite by his head to toe outfit, not just his jeans! What do you think he looks best in?

If you hover your mouse over the pictures they each have a number assigned to them for the poll.

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Which is your favorite Zac Efron outfit?

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  1. ^^ haha normally I would have voted the same way but I’m still obsessed with those Balmains khakis. I check ebay and yoox everyday hoping they will have them.

  2. No, I haven’t 🙁 But I found an article from December 2010 that said there was a shop in the UK selling them on sale of $600 bucks! Those are long gone though 🙁