Favorite Celeb Outfit: Ashley Tisdale

We see the celebs wear so many different outfits, we thought it would be fun if our readers got to pick their favorite! Here are all the various outfits we have blogged Ashley Tisdale in and please vote for your favorite! We mean your favorite by her head to toe outfit, not just her jeans! What do you think she looks best in?

If you hover your mouse over the pictures they each have a number assigned to them for the poll.

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Which is your favorite Ashley Tisdale outfit?

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  1. I like a few of her outfits but honestly I find her style a bit boring. Its stylish but in the bandwagon sort of way not in the trend setter way, ig that makes sense. I’d say its between 1 and 4 because I love those white jeans (the denim shirt seems awkward) and no 4 is something I would wear.

  2. For some reason, I love #1, I think I agree with Sophie about the white jeans. I also love #4 but that’s because I’m obsessed with both flares and leather right now!

  3. Outfits 1,3, 4 and 16 were great ensembles but I decided on #1 because even though Ashley’s wearing double denim, I think the stark contrast of colors offsets the fact that both are denim items. I’ve also been salivating over her plush ‘Something Else’ velvet bag since she first donned it in 2010. Unfortunately it’s sold out, but any time that number re-appears I swoon.

    Sophie- I see what you mean that it’s stylish in a trendy way, although I feel that same way about MANY of the young starlets in Ashley’s demo. I too live in LA and the way Tisdale, alongside a slew of other 20-something’s are dressing, is mimicked by the masses. Sure, there are trendsetters in the city but for those shopping at uber popular stores like Planet Blue or Urban Outfitters and boutiques in Beverly Hills and wearing brands like Wildfox, Mink Pink, Soixante Neuf, etc- they’re all bound to blend into the same person at the end of the day.