Denim Review: Paige Verdugo Jeggings in Paige Blue

This week I am reviewing one of the new Paige jeans, the Verdugo jeggings in Paige Blue. This colour is Paige’s new signature colour for the brand and it’s also in one of my favourite cuts from the brand!

If you haven’t tried the famous Verdugo leggings from Paige yet, then you really should. They are still one of my favourite (if not my favourite) jeggings from any brand. They are so comfortable and really flattering as well as being skinny all the way down to the ankles and super stretchy. They are everything you want a jegging to be. They combine Paige’s classic flattering fit with ultimate comfort and I honestly do live in the Verdugo. They are my go to leggings for running errands but they also look amazing dressed up. I own quite a few now and I love them! I took a 27 in these which is my normal Paige size and they fit me perfectly.

It’s really exciting trying them in this bold and bright wash though! The Paige Blue is one of those blues that you can’t describe. It’s a medium blue but it’s also a bright blue. I would say the pictures of me in the jeans are really close to how they look in real life. They seem to be a bit paler on the Paige website when in fact they are very bold. It’s a gorgeous colour and I have fun wearing these! This is also a colour you can match with other bright colours like my berry scarf. I think blue is incredibly versatile!

I also wore them to London yesterday for press days and they do remain comfortable for the whole day. That involves a lot of traveling and they only stretched out a bit, they are still very clingy. The whipstitching is tonal on the pocket too so it doesn’t stand out so much. I know Paige says she likes it like that as it makes it look more chic. I agree! For those of you also wondering, I did get my hair cut, I got a fringe/bangs which was really scary, but I think I like it! Buy these jeans online at for $179.

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Jeans courtesy of Paige.


  1. Super cute haircut!!! The bangs really suit you well. I love the color mix of the blue jeans and burgundy scarf.

  2. Lol, people can stand however they want to in high heels, I can stand in them just fine, I’m not trying to do sexy, dominating poses since it’s a post on the jeans. Heels have absolutely nothing to do with the knowledge of denim/jeans either, they are an addition to the outfit. Thank you for your comment though.

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