WIN a $250 gift card for Singer22!

DenimBlog is holding a contest on the DenimBlog community where you could WIN a $250 gift card for! All you have to do is submit an online review of a pair of jeans, it just involves text! It’s easy! You can find out the rules of the contest on the contest post by clicking here. Good luck everyone!


  1. I noticed that you’re doing a contest with Singer 22 again. I won one of your contests with them over a year ago and they never shipped my jeans. Even after more than 4 contacts with the company. If you’re going to promote their site, I think you should be aware of their lack of follow-through with the prize.

  2. Hi JK, what contest was that because all the Singer22 contests we have done have gone smoothly without any trouble, can you email me at and explain more? We always follow through with our contests and make sure everyone receives what they won.