WIN 1 of 3 Outfits From Meltin Pot

Meltin Pot have teamed up with us at DenimBlog to give away 3 of their outfits! 3 winners will end up with a brand new Meltin Pot look! This contest is in collaboration with the new Meltin Pot campaign ‘Journey To Nowhere’ and it’s really exciting! The brand is very free spirited and they have a great selection of clothes as well as jeans! They also do men’s and women’s clothes so everyone can enter this contest!

It’s really easy to enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog post with your name and a valid email address in the boxes provided and answer this question: What do you like about the new Meltin Pot campaign? You can click here to read our post on the campaign if you missed it!

The contest will be open worldwide for 10 days and will close on the 26th October 2011. The 3 winners will be selected by Meltin Pot and will receive an outfit that Meltin Pot have picked out in their size. Any customs/duties acquired on international shipping will be the winners responsibility. Thank you to Meltin Pot for holding this contest with us and good luck to everyone who enters!



  1. I like the way how to participate / win prize in the campaign “Journey to Nowhere” – just take a picture of your Meltin Pot jeans, upload it and cross fingers.

  2. off the ground …… detach from your life problems, horrors and misfortunes that happen in the world today …. to look at anything and everything!

  3. I love it! Bringing a little attention to good ‘ol Oklahoma! I’m a Cali girl born and raised, but my husband is an Okie and we’ve done the drive from Tulsa, Oklahoma to San Francisco baby! Beautiful & enlightening trip….very cool campaign.

  4. I Love Everything about the new Meltin Pot campaign ÔÇÿJourney To Nowhere’ Not only can I realate with the theme, I am a high school math teacher (sometimes teaching kids math seems like I am getting nowhere with them 🙂 ), I love that it could mean many different things. Such as, you are on an open road and just want to travel or you really have no clue where you are going and just make it up as you go! I would love a Meltin Pot outfit and would love to show it off to all my friends, family and students! Everything about Meltin Pot is so natural, simple and effortlessly chic and I am a natural, simple ans effortlessly chic gal! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  5. I respect the simplicity of the campaign ÔǪ “A Journey Nowhere”ÔǪ it reflects the illusion of my own life. Do I ever really know where Im going? Where we are going? Yet, life is said to be all about “The Journey”.
    “These jeans are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll doÔǪ one of these days these jeans are gona walk right passed you.”

  6. I actually love the campaign. Its very intriguing and sweet and short.

    I mean do we ever know what life’s going to bring us, or where we are going to end up. The campaign kinda shows that these jeans makes living and going to somewhere we don’t know, more better. Like we might as well wear simple yet chic jeans on our journey to nowhere we can imagine.

    As were wearing these jeans we should make each and every journey count or each and every jean count.

  7. I think that the campaign is very interesting and a great way for a Great Brand like Meltin’ Pot to start fresh. I love the fact that they are doing ” The Journey Nowhere” Campaign. The message is deep… I just like all their clothing and think it would be AWESOME to own an outfit of my own. I like everything about the Meltin’Pot campaign & I love what they do and the message behind all of that. Hope I can win!!! keeping my fingers crossed….. YAY

  8. The road to no where sounds so mysterious and adventurous! It makes me want to grab my best friends and a great pair of jeans! hello! and just take off driving. The places you find along the way usually turn out to be more fun then the actual destination. It would be amazing to own such an awesome pair of jeans to take on my own adventure to nowhere.

  9. The idea of “Journey to Nowhere” is wonderful. It brings up references to the anti-establishment era of denim wear, when wearing jeans was about rebelling against the norm and being different. I love the photography, too ÔÇö the slightly yellowish tint is reminiscent of the Diana cameras, and the vintage throwback is simultaneously nostalgic and of the moment. And of course, the denim is amazing. The styling is spot-on and the washes are fabulous. It would be AMAZING to get my hands on a pair of these jeans!

  10. “journey to nowhere” reminds me of my life and how unpredictable and spontaneous everything is…. just gotta go with it! i’ve lived in honolulu, pittsburgh, boston and now columbus. who knows where i’ll be next?

  11. Journey to Nowhere, is humbling. Not having to worry about where you need to go next, just living life day by day. That’s how i see it. You wont know what’s next so take life as a journey. Live it any way you want, you make your life what it is.

  12. “Win an amazing journey to Nowhere” – LOVE THAT!!! Makes me REALLY want to go on a road trip! Also the outfit in the campaign is amazing!!! I would LOVE to win an oufit from Meltin Pot!!!! Crossing my fingers!!! LOVE <3

  13. What I like about the new Meltin Pot campaign is that it abandons the stressed, overly booked-agenda life of city-dwellers and transforms us for a while into a modern nomad, a self-confident lover of everything around us. The Journey to Nowhere has two sides: no-where (returning to ‘me’, leaving the chaos of everyday life) and now-here (fully enjoying the moment of ‘now’, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow).

  14. I love that the new campaign showcases open, light airy vistas against the groundedness of the (dark) denim. The juxtaposition makes for some amazing photos! & Of course it showcases some AMAZING denim!