Robert Pattinson in J Brand

Robert Pattinson was caught making his way through LAX Airport to catch his flight out. He wore a pair of men’s J Brand jeans. I am happy to see that Robert is starting to wear some premium denim. I wonder if Kristen got him into it? He just seems like someone who is so laid back that he doesn’t care where his jeans come from.

It also looks like Robert grew his hair back out again. Remember when he shaved a third of his head at Comic-Con earlier this year? I think he did wear that hairstyle well though, but I think he looks more put together with the hair he has here. You can click here to purchase men’s J Brand Jeans at

One Comment

  1. Thanks for the jeans spot. I am tired, however, at bloggers who don’t know that his asymmetrical shaved head was for a scene in a movie he was filming (Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg). It wasn’t for a personal whim.