Reese Witherspoon in Double Denim

Reese Witherspoon and a friend (not pictured) got snapped going out for a bite to eat in Santa Monica, California a couple of days ago. Reese looks to be doing really well now after the accident.

She wore a double denim outfit consisting of a light wash denim shirt and a pair of darker cuffed jeans with flats. Reese tends to wear denim a lot, even in dresses and skirts. She definitely has a love for the fabric! What do you think of her look here?

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  1. I think the double denim works for her, because there is a rather strong contrast (colourwise) between the top and the bottom.

  2. I agree, she’s one of the only celebs that I like double denim on. Maybe it’s because the shirt is so light, it almost just looks like a blue blouse?