Lindsay Lohan in Levi’s

Despite an impending court date, Lindsay Lohan looked to be in good spirits as she and her sister Ali spent the day shopping. The two later headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

It seems like Lindsay really loves to wear shorts, I think she must like showing off her legs because it seems like we don’t see her very often in pants or jeans (besides leggings!). She wore a pair of Levi’s cut off shorts with a black vest and black tee shirt, she also added a pair of black booties. I’m not sure I like this outfit, I think it looks too piecemeal. Perhaps if she’d worn a different pair of flats or sandals it would’ve looked better.



  1. There is absolutely nothing appealing about this photo….not sure how it made it onto this blog! She looks awful, and as the other commenter notes, the outfit isn’t appealing or flattering on any level. Please stop showing her on this otherwise awesome blog! She has no style whatsoever.

  2. We post a variety of celebs on here, we don’t just post who looks good, everyone’s opinion is different so there will be someone out there who likes this outfit, probably, lol.