Givenchy Spring 2012

I can never get enough of Givenchy. The styling (though crazy at times) and the cuts are just beyond impeccable that it just amazes me. Every single piece that Ricardo Tisci designs is sure to be it no matter what it is. They always have that classic feel to them. There is always that Audrey Hepburn vibe each season. I can see her in the looks from the fashion house that she favored. No matter how moody the looks can be.

For the Spring 2012 Collection Ricardo Tisci was inspired by surfers. The looks had exotic oceanic skins, the accessories came from the sea as well, and the hair was styled into the perfect beach waves that every girl envies to have. The cuts mimicked the look of body suits and seaweed moving with the waves. All sleek and perfectly cut. The shoes this season are just to die for. I think it is time for the clean sandal to come back. These are sure to be popular like many of the other Givenchy heels in the past. They are simple and will work perfect with all the Spring looks this season. You can click through some of the looks from the Spring 2012 Givenchy show below.