Elle MacPherson in MET

Elle MacPherson posed for photos at the PAD private preview of the 2011 Pavilion of Art & Design in London, England a few days ago. It looks like she went for a more natural look as she’s barely wearing any make up.

Elle wore one of her favourite brands, MET Jeans. This time she opted for their Elah Eco Pelle jeans in Liquid Black. I’m a huge fan of the MET Eco Pelle faux leather material and I have a couple of pairs in the matte black but I love these shiny ones! They look really good on her. I love that it’s an all black outfit too but it works well, all of the pieces are noticed as individuals because of the textures and cuts.


One Comment

  1. I LOVE the no makeup look! She’s stunning! I don’t know about the all black though. . .it’s a little intense. I think it’s the shoes that are the item for which she went overboard. I think they are too much. They’re kind of nineties style and I’m not sure that’s working for the futuristic look she’s playing around with in this ensemble.