DW by Kanye West Spring 2012

Okay…this collection has gotten some not so great reviews by the masses. I have to say that it is not as bad as people are putting it out to be. Maybe it is due to the fact that I look at the pieces individually instead of all together when I look at the photos for fashion week. Individually the pieces work, all together…better styling could have helped, I will admit. I think a slicked back ponytail or a pin-straight middle parting would have done better justice. He also had some fit issues, but nothing a client cannot fix themselves.

I also think it is a hodge podge of many other designers. Mostly Mugler, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, with some Balenciaga, Pucci, and Celine. Many found this the biggest issue. I have to point out though, when a mood board is put together; are designers not inspired by looks that other designers put together in the photos? You are not going to see a Native American wear Michael Kors or Frida Kahlo wear Moschino or even a Gypsy wear Pucci. So Kanye is not the only one who is guilty of this. Case in point, many get inspired by what others create. It is just made more apparent because of the name he possesses. Overall…I think the collection is not as bad as people think. You can click through some of the looks from the debut DW by Kanye West Spring 2012 show below and maybe next season we will see if Kanye just possesses great style or actually has an eye for talent.


  1. i love the line personally my critique on it is that he incorporated what men would like to see women wearing without a thought in mind of what would actually accentuate or be flattering to most women’s bodies or general style. Its kind of like when i ask my husband to go pick me out an oufit and he comes back with a top that looks like a string that couldn’t possibly cover my boobs and shorts that would ride up the crack of my arse. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing though. I love it. A few nips, tucks and let outs and the line will be perfect. He is just approaching womens fashion from his perspective of what fashion is to him which is Plunging v-necks, he is obcessed with a womens ass, dramatic accessories, and cool city swagger i.e. the back packs, gator skin, heavy and free flowing outerwear and loose fitting garments. Women love their curves… accentuate them cut the garments to flatter the body next time.

  2. Lol that made me laugh! I know what you mean though if you let men try and pick an outfit for a girl, they might as well of bought it at a stripper shop lol!