DIY Halloween Costumes From Denim Trends

Halloween is quickly approaching and finding a costume can leave you in a lurch. Use some of this season’s hottest denim trends and looks already in your closet to create a fun costume without breaking the bank.


  • Hippie: Wear flares with a tie-dye shirt and platforms, add accessories such as glasses or a headband, don’t forget your peace sign.
  • Rosie The Riveter: Pair your flares with a chambray shirt and add a headscarf.
  • Sailor: Add a striped tee and sailor hat to your flares.


Leather Pants:

  • Cat Woman: Wear leather pants and a slim fitting black top, leather boots and black cat ears.
  • Biker: Leather pants paired with motorcycle jacket and black boots.
  • Sandra Dee: Wear your leather pants, leather jacket and heels. Curl your hair in and add some lipstick.


Cargo Pants:

  • Indiana Jones/Explorer: Wear your cargo pants with a white shirt, khaki vest, add a hat and binoculars.
  • Army: Cargos paired with a camouflage or khaki top, boots and dog tags.
  • Construction Worker: Cargos paired with white tee shirt, hard hat and tool kit or belt.


Colored/Printed Denim:

Colored Denim makes a great staple for building a costume.

  • Angel: Wear white jeans, a white top, wings and a halo.
  • Bee: Wear yellow or black jeans with a yellow or black shirt, add some wings.
  • Lady Bug: Red Jeans and red top (you can cut out some black felt dots) and add some wings.
  • iPod Commercial: Wear black jeans and black top, add an iPod and dance the night away.
  • Leopard or Snake: Wear your (leopard or snakeskin) printed pants with a matching/neutral top, add whiskers if necessary.



  • Farmer: Add a plaid shirt and some hay (and stuffed farm animals)
  • Miner: Wear a Henley shirt, boots and add a headlamp and some tools.
  • Scarecrow: Wear a plaid shirt, and hat, add stuff your sleeves with hay.



  • Daisy Duke: Shorts, plaid shirt or crop top and heels.
  • Britney Spears: Shorts, white tank top, over-sized sunglasses and Uggs or other boots.


Basic Blue Jeans:

  • Where’s Waldo: Add a red striped top, stocking cap and glasses.
  • Cowboy: Add a denim shirt or plaid shirt, vest, boots and hat.
  • Nerd: Add rolled/cuffed jeans, tee shirt, glasses and carry around book and apple (you could also wear overalls).
  • Bella Swan: Wear skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors, tee shirt and hoodie. Wear no makeup to keep your face pale.


What are you going to be for Halloween? Will you be wearing any denim trends with your costume?