Denim Review: J Brand 811 Jeans in Black Cherry

This weeks review is on the J Brand 811 mid rise skinny jeans in Black Cherry. I have loved the colour of these jeans from the moment I first saw them when they were released. I thought they were the perfect shade of red for Autumn/Winter and I was right. I never got to review any of their bright colours from the Spring/Summer collection but I am glad I got these ones instead.

The 811 mid rise skinny fit is definitely not my favourite cut from them if I am honest. My favourite would have to be the 910 or the 901. These have a higher rise than what I am used to and they are also not as skinny in the calf area but when I wear them with a longer top and cuff the hem slightly, they become perfect! I find that’s something I do quite often actually, if a jean is not working for me then I will change things around with them until the suit me. I think these look much better cuffed anyway. I’m sure this is only a problem for the minority like myself though, I have very small calves so a lot of skinny jeans are always too baggy in the calf area on me, I need a super skinny to wear skinnies really. I took a 27 in these which is my usual J Brand size and they fit perfectly.

They have the classic simplicity that J Brand has in all of their jeans, minimal stitching, plain pockets, no back tag etc and this is something I love about them. I’m not into heavy branding on jeans and I prefer to keep things simple. I think that’s why so many people favour J Brand actually, they are all about the jeans and the fit of their jeans, not logos or branding. These are also made of twill so they are super soft and stretchy. I love twill in jeans, only if it’s in lighter colours though as darker twill is a complete fluff magnet! These are not like that, they are just comfortable and nice on the skin.

The Black Cherry wash, where do I start, it’s amazing! It has to be my favourite from their coloured twill skinnies collection. As you know from my post yesterday, I adore berry coloured jeans and these remind me of the berries on holly bushes as well as some pretty Winter berries that you start seeing around this time of year. It’s such a rich, deep and dark red but it’s not too dark that it looks brown. I think the pictures just speak for themselves really when I say how pretty it is. I think darker reds are one of the easiest coloured jeans to wear because they still remain an ‘acceptable’ colour in my opinion. I definitely plan on wearing these more often purely because of the Black Cherry wash. I think if they brought these out in the 910 or 901 cut, they would be even more perfect! Buy these jeans online at J Brand for $169.

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Jeans courtesy of J Brand.


  1. Somehow the jeans seem too tight to me and this makes the jeans seem really thin, the material or something, similar to some pink ones you reviewed recently (you rolled those up too).

    Other than that I love the colour and love how you styled your outfit.

  2. They are thin, they are made from twill which is really thin. The pale pink ones were twill too and those were definitely tight but these ones aren’t. You can kind of see they are baggy in my legs, around the knee area and I can actually pull the waistband away from me quite a bit. I think I could fit a 26 in these but yeah, it’s not because they are tight, it’s just how twill is, it’s a very thin and floppy fabric, it doesn’t really have a structure to it like denim does. Does that help any?

  3. Did these jeans bleed onto clothing? I just got some but I don’t want to ruin shirts if the indigo will rub off onto them. Please let me know if you had this issue in this color or how I might prevent it from happening. Thanks!

  4. Hi, I found the colour ran if they got wet and it did transfer to lighter coloured bags, but I didn’t have an issue with it going on to my white t-shirts. Just be careful if they get wet though and don’t let your bag rub against them.