Sarah Jessica Parker in Victoria Beckham Denim

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted posing for some paparazzi before heading over to do some press for her new movie I Don’t Know How She Does It in London. Sarah Jessica wore a pair of ripped and repaired skinny jeans by Victoria Beckham Denim.

I really like these jeans on her. I like how they are skinny, but have a bit of a slouch to them. I also love the repairing detail. Victoria Beckham has come out with some styles that I find pretty cool, like her Twisted Zipper pair. I think the detail on them is a nice touch. My favorite though would have to be the Zip Skinny. She has a pair in a waxed light blue that is cool and I think in black they would look amazing. You can click here to purchase Victoria Beckham Denim at Shopbop.

One Comment

  1. The jeans are fine, but those shoesÔÇöand those wrinkly/veiny feet!ÔÇöare real turnoffs. Good denim is usually complemented with a good pair of shoes or what-have-you; what the heck is going on with Sarah’s feet? Yech.

    Footwear fail, Mrs. Bueller.