Rihanna in a Denim Bra & Skirt

Rihanna was surrounded by fans and on lookers as she was on the set of her new music video yesterday in the New Lodge area of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It seems like this video is going to be quite trashy since she has laddered tights and she was snapped looking aggressive and giving the finger to people. I wonder what it will turn out like?

I think Rihanna loves denim, she seems to wear it whenever she can. Sometimes more than twice in one outfit! For this music video she wore a denim bra with a denim paper bag style skirt. The skirt is actually a customized upside down pair of jeans which I think is really cool. I wonder who put this together for her or who thought of making a pair of upside down jeans into a skirt? It’s a pretty jean-ious idea!

Images courtesy of INFdaily.com


  1. I absolutely love this denim look on RiRi! Fell inlove the moment I saw it. I love the ‘jean-ious’ idea of upside down pair of jeans. As I am a fashion student I will take some kind of inspiration from this outfit and try to make my own!