Miranda Kerr in Nobody Denim

The more I see these jeans on Miranda Kerr, the more I am starting to like the high-rise look of these Nobody jeans on her. She has been caught in their Cult Skinny in Code many times before and they just fit her so amazing. This picture of her makes me think of one thing… an old school Calvin Klein ad. Her pose and the skintight fit carries the look of iconic Brooke Shield’s ads.

She was at the launch of The Great Crusade at Te Whero Island as part of the IRB 2011 Rugby World Cup celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand. Miranda seems to be flying non-stop between the countries for her appearances. I wonder if she’ll be walking in any shows this season for fashion week. I cannot think that she will miss Balenciaga. She has been a regular at the shows for the past few seasons. Buy Nobody Denim at DonnaIda.com.