Kate Moss in Siwy

Kate Moss was caught leaving the Groucho Club in London, England after having a night out. She gave her skinny Siwy’s a rest and opted for the Siwy Penelope jeans in It’s Magic. Kate must be going through her wide-leg and flare jeans phase again. I remember seeing her a few years back wearing her J Brand Lovestory’s non-stop. It looks like she discovered the Siwy ones though, so I’m sure she’ll be wearing these out a lot.

I think Siwy is the first brand that Kate seems to absolutely LOVE. She is rarely ever caught in a pair of jeans by someone else. She has been caught in others, but this brand is rarely ever seen off her bottom half. I don’t blame her though. They are amazing. Now that they are making flares, I think Kate won’t have to limit herself to the skinnies. I hope to see her in some more of the flared Siwys, hopefully some of their blues. You can click here to purchase these jeans at RevolveClothing for $173.

Image Courtesy of WENN.com