Halle Berry in F.U’.S Jeans

Halle Berry was snapped on set of Cloud Atlas while filming some scenes in Glasgow, Scotland. The set has been made over to look like San Francisco, California so it fits with the movie. The movie is about 6 different stories which are set from the 1850’s to the distant future and they all tie into one.

It’s weird seeing Halle with longer hair! I’m so used to her short crop but it does make her look younger! She wore a pair of F.U’.S jeans while filming the scenes and I think this is a good fit for the movie, maybe she’s filming scenes from the 70’s? F.U’.S were originally created in 1968 by MiH Jeans founder, Chloe Lonsdale’s, dad and graced the bodies of Jerry Hall, Julie Christie and every influential style icon with a sexy edge. They were actually sold in his Jean Machine stores. I’m obviously too young unfortunately to remember the brand in its prime but do any of you readers know it?

Images courtesy of INFdaily.com


  1. I am the founder of jean machine stores and owner of fu’s jeans not your dad tony ask him jay .

  2. I use to wear fu’s in the late 70s when straight leg jeans were starting to take off. With out a doubt the best fitting jeans I’ve ever had, probably because they did a 31″ waist/31″ leg. Perfect!