Chat With The 7 For All Mankind Denim Designer!

7 For All Mankind are running a really interesting FaceBook idea! They will be hosting a chat on their Facebook page called the Denim Fit Forum. Every Thursday in September from 10AM – 12PM PST (beginning 9/8), people will have the opportunity to ask their most pressing denim fit questions to Jen Garcia from their denim design team. It’s a rare chance for fans to interact directly with a 7 For All Mankind denim designer.

The chat will be hosted on the wall of the 7 For All Mankind Facebook page, and Jen will answer questions in real time. Denim fits are so personal, and even the smallest change in a measurement dramatically alters the way a pair of jeans fits, so they are hoping this will be a valuable service to their fans and people who are interested in trying out 7 For All Mankind for the first time. A perfect fit is one of the cornerstones of the 7 For All Mankind brand – and one of the things that has defined them for over 10 years – so they take finding the perfect fit seriously! Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I’m eagerly awaiting Thursday!