The Original Penguin Jacket Story

I thought this story/video was really interesting, the history of the Original Penguin jacket, which I watched in the video, really made me smile. It’s nice to see something so popular, which got lost, be found again! I know it’s not to do with denim but Original Penguin do have jeans so I thought it was fitting. I’ve included the press release below.

More than an item of clothing, the coveted Original Penguin Jacket is a symbol of the brand and its storied history. The Jacket was said to have been created in 1956, commissioned by Original Penguin founder Abbot Pederson to celebrate the company’s first anniversary. Join us in cherishing this moment as we bring the Jacket back to life by launching a campaign inspired by its incredible storyÔÇöstarting with a video titled “Big World, One Jacket”.