Marisa Miller in One Teaspoon

Marisa Miller made an appearance at the Hurley Walks the Walk Event in Huntington Beach, California. She wore a pair of One Teaspoon shorts with a tee and hat. The first thing that I thought about when I saw these pics was, “Do her legs end?” They just look like they go on forever in this picture.

One Teaspoon is really getting more and more popular. We seem to be spotting them more and more frequently. I do think they make some great looking shorts. Have you readers tried One Teaspoon yet? You can click here to purchase One Teaspoon at Singer22.


  1. I think the shorts look awesome on her. She has great legs, and she can really pull off that funky look. And you’re right, they do seem to go on forever!

  2. I didn’t even know that you call those denim shorts teaspoon shorts. I think that’s a really cute name for them, although, unlike OST, I think those shorts are a little too short.