Hilary Duff in Abercrombie

Hilary Duff showed off her legs in her Abercrombie cut off shorts and a pair of studded ankle booties. Hilary was on her way to meet up with friends for lunch in Studio City.

When Hilary announced her pregnancy last week, rumors started about her involvement in the film Bonnie & Clyde. Unfortunately, because of the timing, it appears as though Hilary’s role will be recast.


  1. Oooo love A&F and love love love those booties V! I think I want her to have a girl just to see the cute shoes the baby will wear [not the ridic heels like suri of course].

    Ok, that was expected. I was wondering why they didn’t film it on spring as scheduled cause I know she will be on a book tour for her novel in fall [which I really enjoyed, I hope she is at a B&N near me] thu schedules conflicting. I’m curious if they planned to coincide it with the film schedule so when she’d started to show it would have been after but the prod. was put off.

  2. I’m not sure about the movie but I’m kind of glad she’s not in it anymore, I don’t think many people are excited for the remake and I don’t want Hilary to get any stick for taking on that role like she was getting. I think people would have been so mean to her. I’m sure something great will come along for her! I want her to have a girl too!! 😀

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