Halle Berry Picks Up Nahla From Preschool

August 12, 2011: Halle Berry wearing a sheer t-shirt, jeans and sandals picks up daughter Nahla Aubry (not pictured) from preschool. Halle carried her daughters schoolwork while Nahla (not pictured) carried out a paper heart she made and some stickers in Los Angeles, CA.
C.W./INFphoto.com Ref: INF usla – 225

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  1. Ye ke? Mmg perkara bi.,hlaaas13 thn dulu pernah Cuba dicabuli oleh seorg pemimpin yg sekarang dah naik.eeee tgk muka dia keluar paper pun rasa menyampah sgt2! Biasalah dulu Dan sekarang!!

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