Denim Review: Siwy Alexa cut off shorts in Love Song

This weeks review is on a pair of the new Siwy Alexa cut off shorts in Love Song. I got sent these to review by Siwy and I am so glad I did! I wouldn’t usually pick a pair of shorts this bold or with this kind of print but that’s one thing I love about reviewing. I get to try out a lot of denim that I wouldn’t necessarily pick as my first choice.

I wanted to start by saying that I absolutely love these denim shorts! I love everything about them! The woolen patches I didn’t think I would like that much, but they have actually turned out to be my favourite thing about the shorts. They add so much life and fun to the look and I think it makes them very unique. The zipper up the side is functional too and opens right up to the top. I think this really makes the shorts special too, only one side has the zipper so that’s definitely different!

As for the fit, I would actually have to say with 100% honesty that Siwy shorts are my favourite denim shorts. I’ve tried a lot of denim shorts but the thing that draws me towards Siwy is how well they fit me and how different each pair is. Siwy as a brand is really adventurous and it suits my personality really well. I’m not so much a fan of the padded round pockets on the full length jeans but on shorts they are perfect and really flattering which I love. The edges are always frayed too and Michelle isn’t ever afraid to experiment with her ideas and that’s fantastic.

Aside from the woolen patches on these Alexa shorts, the Love Song wash is actually beautiful. It’s a really nice mid blue with lighter areas in places and it’s very pretty. I think the best colour for denim shorts is always a mid to light blue wash, it just suits the Summer season more. The fact that the woolen patches are brown and cream as well, really makes these shorts easy to pair with a lot of my clothes. I love the Autumn tones such as browns and creams and since these shorts are really bold on their own, you can keep the rest of the outfit simple and still look dressed up.

I can say that these do run true to size, I took a size 27 in them which is my normal Siwy size and they fit perfectly, so definitely take your regular Siwy size. The denim is also quite sturdy and strong but soft at the same time. It’s got the right combination of all aspects which makes it wonderful. If you have never tried any Siwy shorts before then I would definitely recommend you do. You will understand why so many celebs choose to wear them and why they are so popular! In fact I can’t wait to spot a celebrity in these exact shorts, I think they are going to be popular along with the leather patch ones! Buy these shorts online at

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  1. Lol I too have been saving for a pair of ray bans. I just want the original wayfarers but since Im buying online Im not sure what size will fit my face because one I tried on in a store was a bit small. I should have asked what size that was.

  2. I’m the same with the Wayfarers, I wouldn’t know what size to pick. I tried small and it looked silly on me lol! I think the Wayfarers are a little too masculine for me anyway, I like girly glasses so I am thinking of the Jackie Ohh II or a new shape similar to cats eyes 🙂

  3. Lol I’m the opposite, while I like girly things I think the large cat eyed glasses would be too big for me and look a bit clownish on my face plus I would prefer the more rock n roll look. I was considering ebay but I dont want to take the chance might as well get a nice new one.

  4. Yes actually, everything looked good especially the pilots or aviators so I dont really know if I can go by that lol. Still trying to make up my mind. I tried on several in a store and the sales assistant and my friend thought that some big ones like the kind Paris Hilton or Kim Kar. ( :-/ ) are usually seen in looked best but I really have my heart set on the wayfarers. I think I might be being too picky and not practical. I know I should get something that suits me and not be a fashion victim but the thing is Ive always liked the wayfarers and now that their back in style I’d really like to get a pair.

  5. I feel the same way you do. I really like how versatile the Wayfarers are and how everyone looks in them plus they are really popular right now but I should probably get something that suits me instead so I definitely understand lol! Have you tried Jackie Ohh II?

  6. No I haven’t but I just checked them out and they look really cool. I think if you crossed the Jackie Ohh II with the wayfarers you’d get the frames Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffanies 🙂 I actually quite like the frames that Nina Dobrev is wearing on the front page, very elegant yet versatile, considering the relaxed outfit Nina is wearing. I think I’m going to think about it a bit more before I make my purchase.

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