Denim Review: J Brand Capri in Pale Rose

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans I got sent as a gift from J Brand, the J Brand Capri in Pale Rose, which I decided to review anyway because I love their coloured denim.

These jeans are made from Japanese Twill, much like their Houlihan and Agnes pants, but they are a lot thinner and lighter in weight. They are super stretchy and really clingy as you can tell from the photos, they are actually a bit too tight on me. I picked a size 27 which I normally am in the Houlihan and Agnes but these run a lot tighter than those so I would definitely recommend going with your bigger size.

These are a little bit of an awkward length on me when they are full length, I don’t have the longest of legs as you know, so if I don’t cuff them, where they hit at my calves makes my legs look quite a bit shorter so I decided that giving them a small cuff or roll was the best option. I actually think they look loads better like that anyway!

The Pale Rose wash is much like a salmon colour actually, it’s a pale pink with dusty orangey undertones to it so it is more of a salmon colour. It’s definitely the perfect shade of pink if you want something subtle though, it’s a beautiful lighter shade which matches with a lot of things. I decided to go down the route of pale colours like creams and another pale shade of pink for this outfit because I love girly colours and these are a great choice for that.

These Capri’s obviously have the classic J Brand fit when it comes to pockets, the lower rise and the super skinniness all the way down. That’s one thing I love about J Brand, they do make some great skinny jeans! I think these jeans would be really good for you if you want to jump on board the coloured denim trend but don’t want to go too bright. These are definitely not too in your face and I think they are subtle enough for everyday wear as well as comfortable enough. I just think I need a size up for a more comfortable fit. I actually find getting the right size in jeans one of the hardest things! I vary anywhere between a 26 and 28 and each jean is different because of the fabric, the washing, the process they go through etc, it’s so hard to get consistency. Buy these in size 31 at Saks and buy these in size 32 at Bloomingdales.

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  1. Lol I was going to ask about going up a size but then I finished reading your entire review. Love rose coloured denim and these look amazing on you Lorna. Also I think the cuffing makes a huge difference, you found the right length to make your legs look longer.

  2. Iā€™m absolutely in love with rose coloured jeans. These look amazing on you Lorna but how do you think going a size up might fare for someone who would like a slightly looser fit, not so tight?

    Thank you šŸ™‚ In reference to that comment you put on the photo (I pasted above) Yeah, you should probably size up if you want them looser šŸ™‚ They are comfy though and very stretchy!

  3. i love your blog and its so helpful that i have a similar body type to you šŸ˜€ the pale colored jeans look awesome on you! I was wondering if these stretch out? My houlihans which i got in my bigger size stretched out a lot so i’m wondering which ones to go for…

  4. Thank you šŸ™‚ Um I haven’t worn them enough to know but it feels like they wont, they are stretchy but they don’t feel like the Houlihan or Agnes, they feel a lot different to them šŸ™‚

  5. Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your blog. Also, I love the shoes you are wearing with this outfit!

  6. Thanks for the review! Love J Brand, however the sizing is always a bit difficult. I vary between a 26 and a 28 as well and I’ve fot J brand in all of those sizes. So thanks, very helpful review!