Audrina Patridge in Black Orchid

Audrina Partidge was caught during her arrival to LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. She wore a pair of Black Orchid Black Jewel Jeggings in Ash for the flight. I love these jeans on Audrina. I find that Audrina’s skinny jeans always fit her so amazing. They are always skin-tight and the perfect length on her. The rise is also a great height on her as well. She just knows how to find jeans that fit well.

Audrina seems to only get spotted here and there or at the airport now. I enjoy writing about her because I think her clothes always fit her great. You can click here to purchase Black Orchid at Singer22.

One Comment

  1. You are so right! Audrina knows how to find and look great in a pair of jeans. It’s just sad what she did above her waist to take away her signature fabulous look. Since she removed her cleavage and curves the new sagging, flat, shapeless Audrina isn’t nearly as attractive as she was 8 months ago. And even though her jeans look great on her. Fashions just hang off of her with no shape. She used to make everything she wore look so incredible. Not so much anymore.