Tyra Banks in Genetic Denim

Tyra Banks wore quite an interesting outfit during her appearance on Good Morning America. Tyra wore a pair of Genetic Denim skinny jeans and a striped button down, which she accessorized with a yellow tie and blue vest. But perhaps the most outlandish accessory was the gold wing she wore above her eye, she even wore it during her TV interview! I’m not quite sure what was going on with this outfit, but needless to say, I think the jeans were the best part!

During her interview, Tyra discussed both her life as a Harvard Business student and that she has a new book coming out. Her book, Modelland. The book, which is the first in a trilogy, is an action adventure series based on models. The eyepiece she wore during her interviews is apparently a tie in to the fantasy land she’s created for her books. Buy Genetic Denim at Singer22.com.