The Paige Premium Tristan In Lorna Is Back In Stock!

Do you remember the first jean to come out from the collaboration I am doing with Paige? The Tristan skinny jean which was an early exclusive for Selfridges in London only? It sold out really fast on Selfridges online and soon after in the store as well. I didn’t think the Tristan was going to be sold again but here it is! Paige is now selling it online and it’s available for all of you to buy!

I guess it really was a popular jean which I am so excited about! Size 24 and 25 are already gone but the other sizes are available to purchase. I haven’t seen these pop up online anywhere else so I think Paige is the only website to have them. At the moment anyway. I know a lot of you were asking if the Tristan was going to be available again so I am very happy to tell you that it is! You can see modelled photos of these jeans here and you can see laid flat photos of them here. They feature a double back pocket and thicker whipstitching as you can see. They are a great update on the classic skinny jean!

Buy the Tristan in Lorna at PaigeUSA here.