Ryan Gosling in Levi’s

Ryan Gosling was spotted loading up his car in Santa Monica, California. He wore a pair of Levi’s Made & Crafted jeans for the day. these are a really great fit on Ryan. I also like the addition of the necklace. It just really pulls the outfit together. I think without it, it would look like a really bland outfit. Even with the green tee.

There is a scene in Ryan’s new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love that I just find hilarious. It is the wallet scene where he goes shopping with Steve Carrell. I just find what he is saying about it to be so true. You can click here to purchase Levi’s Made & Crafted jeans at RevolveClothing.


  1. does anybody know who makes that leather jacket. he wears it all the time and looks like it
    had a good fit.