Rachel Bilson in Paige Premium

Rachel Bilson was seen out shopping for tennis equipment with on-again-off again boyfriend (fiance?) Hayden Christensen. Between working on her TV series and a new film, The To Do List, Rachel certainly will be keeping busy.

It seems like Rachel’s two go to brands for jeans are Siwy and Paige Premium. Earlier this week, she was seen in a pair of Siwy Hannah Cut off shorts. Most recently she was spotted in a pair of Paige Premium Silverlake shorts. I think this is a really cute casual outfit, perfect for running errands! You can buy Paige online at Paigeusa.com.

One Comment

  1. First od all, I’m a fan of her, but I see cellulite. I think you shoudn’t wear shorts if you have cellulite, it’s ugly to see. But she’s supercute, anyway.