Mary-Kate Olsen in Earnest Sewn

Looks like someone got some sun. Mary-Kate Olsen was caught sporting a fresh tan during a smoking break outside of Sant Ambroeus in New York. She returned to her previous favorite pair of jeans, her custom-fitted Earnest Sewn jeans in Daija.

Mary-Kate has been getting quite a few denim sightings on here. I wonder if we will see Ashley in some denim soon? I would like to see her in their ripped up Earnest Sewns, Ksubis, even the Maxfields jeans that Mary-Kate wore to death and of course some Textile. You can click here to purchase Earnest Sewn jeans from their website.


  1. Sorry, I gotta say, she looks awful. Not the outfit, the jeans actually fit her pretty well, in my opinion, and they’re a nice colour.
    But the way she’s standing and the cigarette in her hand, couldn’t make her much less attractive, which is a shame because she’s a beautiful girl. Maybe its because smoking is a big turn off for me. Also it looks like a sunbed tan rather than a sun tan. Sorry, rant over!

  2. I am completely put off by smoking too, I hate it, so I did think she didn’t look too great in this pic, she looks completely different to how she looks with make up actually, it’s definitely different to see. I didn’t even have a clue she smoked!

  3. Very true, her raw pink tan doesn’t go too well with her similarly coloured shirt, not to mention the whole puffed up cigarette cheeks thing but oddly even though smoking ages you (I attribute her “old” look to her not wearing makeup rather than smoking”) to me she looks a bit healthier in this shot than in those other pictures of her where she looks so gaunt and frail. In a weird way she looks just so normal here. Its so interesting to see celebrities without makeup, it’s like reality being interrupted with reality. Anywho didnt mean to ramble here and yes I too hate smoking and I dont think it makes anyone look cool.

  4. aaw no! I shouldn’t say it but it does make me like her a lot less. Strange because she’s always tweeting about being healthy and organic food and stuff, whats the point if she smokes?!

  5. Yeah, I never understand those lectures about being healthy when the person smokes lol. I mean it’s up to them what they want to do, it’s their life. Maybe she gave up? Hopefully she did since her pregnancy and all 🙂

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