Kristen Stewart in BDG

Actress Kristen Stewart got herself into a minor accident in Hollywood, California earlier in the month. She then exchanged information with the other lady involved and emptied her Mini Cooper before the damaged vehicle got towed. I’m glad she’s ok and able to walk away from it!

Kristen was wearing a very washed and worn out pair of BDG skinny jeans with some sneakers and a simple grey tee. I always find her outfits to be the most casual possible, I don’t feel like Kristen makes an effort much, not even at some events but the look seems to work for her and look good. Do you like her style?

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  1. Yes, I do like her style. Ok I would prefer to see a non cropped top but the fit of the jeans is great and the colours of the outfit are in harmony. I think she has a good sense for colours and never wears non flattering styles or really worn out clothes. Casual but cool and not careless.