Joe Jonas in Rockstar Sushi Cargos

Wherever Joe Jonas goes? His Rockstar cargos are sure to be packed in his suitcase. He has been spotted in these numerous times in numerous countries and cities. I find the tank and shoe combo with these to be pretty off. The pants alone already have a smokey effect to them and adding a print on top can make it look like a lot is going on. Just some simple black Lanvin sneakers would have done this look a little better and maybe a simple white tank. Simplicity is the key Joe.

I’ve been reading around and I heard that his performance (the Paper Magazine concert) didn’t go as Joe might have expected. He had foam balls thrown at him. I find this to be very rude. My theory is if you don’t like it just walk away, it is just a performance. There is no need to mess with someone else’s passion. You can click here to purchase these at Nordstroms for $159.

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  1. Love reading about Joe on your blog! About the Brooklyn concert — people did walk away. People who didn’t care to watch the performance were outside. As someone who was there, I can tell you that the “news” about Joe being pelted with balls during his performance is just not true. One or two of the free giveaways by the beer sponsor were thrown on stage, but they didn’t hit Joe. The whole performance is on YouTube and no one can find any instance of something actually hitting Joe. The performance was great!

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