Heidi Klum in Nobody Denim

Heidi Klum left her hotel in New York and entered a swarm of paparazzi who were waiting outside. It must be really annoying to be a celebrity and have the paps literally waiting for hours outside your hotel, just for you to come out. I can’t imagine it being very pleasant. Unless of course, you love the media attention.

Heidi was wearing a pair of jeans we haven’t seen her in before. She chose the Nobody Denim Empire Tube skinny jeans in Tainted wash. This outfit is one of the most simplest outfits I have seen her wearing actually. I like it a lot. The jeans have also made their way onto my wish list, I love the patch detailing on them and the wash looks amazing! The jeans also feature a suspender style piece of denim which hangs around the waistband on the other side. Buy these jeans at MaryandMe for $150.

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