Heather Morris in a Denim Playsuit

Heather Morris of Glee was seen arriving at a party with the rest of the cast at central London’s Mahiki club during the penultimate night of the London stage of the Glee tour. I heard that Heather and some of the other cast stayed past 3am, must have been a great night!

Heather was wearing an acid washed denim playsuit with black lace up wedges and a striped headscarf. It’s a wonder she’s not freezing! We haven’t been having the best weather here at the moment. How many of you are fans of the show? I’m eagerly awaiting season 3, although I felt that season 2 didn’t end very well.

Images courtesy of INFdaily.com


  1. Can’t say Im a fan of this outfit but totally agree about last season not ending that well. Although if they won nationals what would that mean for glee since, every season is about them doing either, regionals or nationals. I wonder if it could end when they finish high school or would we have to follow the characters to college?

  2. I get annoyed every time Rachel’s over Finn and then isn’t anymore. I don’t think they need to milk the popular girl, unpopular girl, popular guy love triangle anymore but I am pleasantly surprised about the Mercedes/ Sam union.

  3. I was suprised with Mercedes and Sam too! I didn’t expect that but I am bored of the love triangle too, it’s dragging on and on and I get so annoyed when they don’t win nationals lol!

  4. Sick of Rachel and Finn, love the idea of sam and mercedes, cant wait for brittney and santana…Dont care what heather morris is wearing, she is always beautiful,seriously hott!!

  5. Oh yes Britney and Santana, I always thought that was one of the better story lines. I’ve really liked Santana’s character evolution.