George Clooney in Levi’s

George Clooney was spotted in the Studio City section of Los Angeles, California a few days ago after having dinner with a friend. The thing I find most amazing about George is that he never seems to age! To me, he’s looked this way for so long now.

George was wearing a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans with boots, a tee and a leather jacket for the evening. We don’t get to post much about Mr. Clooney on DenimBlog actually, to my knowledge we have only posted about him twice and each time he has worn his Levi’s jeans! After all, they are a classic!

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  1. Clooney should stick to expensive tailor-made suits ‘cuz jeans make him look waaaaaay older than he already is (see also Harrison Ford). I doubt even “classic” Hollywood stars of old like Steve McQueen could dress that horrendously…and McQueen actually had a keen sense of style.

    Denim fail, George.