Denim Review: Rockstar Biker Jeans in Pigment Black

This weeks review is on a pair of Rockstar Denim Biker jeans in Pigment Black which I got sent a long time ago. I find these jeans to be really unique for a biker jean. Some of the photos have come out dark but you can see in the close ups exactly what the wash is like.

The fit of these jeans is a classic skinny, low rise and slim down the legs. These actually feature zippers at the inseam so you can wear them as straight legs or you can zip them up and wear them as skinnies. The inseam is a bit long for me since I have shorter legs so these work best when they are unzipped and worn like straight legs for me as you can see from the photos. They feature moto stitching all around the knee and they feel quilted as well so they really do look like biker jeans. One thing that suprised me was actually the comfort of these jeans. I expected them to be stiff and quite rigid and not at all comfortable but I was wrong, they are actually quite stretchy and easy to wear, they are reasonably comfortable for a biker jean!

The back pockets are perfectly positioned as well, they fit right in the middle and are really flattering and I love the added zippers at the top of them, they are functional but they really make the jeans look unique and I find they add a fullness to the butt, the extra on the pockets makes the butt look more rounded in my opinion. The zippers don’t actually stand out that much though, they are blended very well with the wash so they are not too in your face which is something I prefer.

The Pigment Black wash is absolutely amazing! It’s a mixture of a silvery/grey and black so it has so much character and depth to it. It’s really strong and bold and it has a tough feel to it. It’s definitely a special wash which I can imagine took a while to create. I guess to me they seem like an old biker jean with oil on them and worn out patches, they are beautiful. They also have some great lap details as you can see too. The wash is actually what makes these jeans so unique, there are many styles of biker jeans out there but this Pigment Black wash is very special.

These are the first pair of Rockstar jeans I have tried and the only pair. I can safely say that I would love to try out more. What I love about the brand from seeing so many of their styles is that they are not afraid to break the mold and be really inventive and creative with their jeans. The aesthetics, prints, colours and products they use on their jeans are really brave and they are not like most other brands, all of their jeans really make a statement. You can buy these jeans at Atrium in New York.

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  1. These have been out for a long time, this actual pair is over a year old and I believe Rockstar were one of the first companies to bring the biker jeans back to the market as a trend a couple of years ago. These have a lot more work on them with the stitching, the details and the actual knee stitching more so than other biker jeans. A lot of other biker jeans feel like jeans with just some biker detail, these actually feel like actual biker jeans 🙂 And this kind of wash is very unique.

  2. I have been looking for these jeans everywhere, but its so hard to find in any color in a size 27! Is there a site that still sells a selection? Sometimes it pops up on ebay but there are SO MANY knockoffs, cheap copies…What happened to the comany did they go bankrupt? If anyone knows where to find a good selection of sizes and colors let me know please…thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi Timea, I don’t think they are in production anymore and because these are years old, they are impossible to find. They did have their own website, is it not active anymore? 🙂

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