Denim Review: Paige Premium Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Tigerlily

This weeks review is on a pair of Paige Premium Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Tigerlily which I bought from Shopbop a couple of weeks ago. I was eyeing them on the website for a really long time and I eventually gave into buying them and I am glad I did.

The cut of these is just like the Jimmy Jimmy boyfriend jeans but in a short version. They do run big for that reason so I sized down to a 26 to make them fit me a little tighter, I prefer my jeans and shorts tighter as they are more flattering. If you want these shorts to be loose then go with your normal Paige size but if you want them tighter fitting then size down.

The good thing about these shorts is that you can wear them cuffed or uncuffed. They just come rolled up, but if you want them longer you can let them down. These are definitely a pair of shorts which you can make your own and wear exactly how you want to with the length. The whipstitching is something I was attracted to as well. Paige usually has thinner and smaller lines on the side of her pocket but these are oversized and I think that makes them look a lot better.

The Tigerlily wash is one that I can’t quite describe. It’s a medium blue with a lot of whiskering and creasing on the lap area but in some lights it looks a lot darker than it actually is. It’s a hard wash to explain but it’s beautiful. The wash is actually what made me fall in love with these shorts in the first place. It’s very pretty and it’s also really versatile, you can wear a lot of colours with it.

I can tell these shorts are going to be my go to pair when it’s hot enough outside, they are so comfortable, soft and very stretchy. All of the qualities I look for in a pair of shorts combined with the flattering fit that Paige has with all of her denim. I find some shorts can be too tight, too rigid, too short etc, these have the perfect balance and I am really happy I bit the bullet and bought them! These seem to be one of Paige’s best sellers and now I know why! I would definitely recommend them to you! Buy these shorts online here at Shopbop.

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  1. Superfly! love the colour and the design of the back pockets. I think I get why its called tigerlily. Love your sunnies too btw. 🙂

  2. Just checked them out on Shopbop and if I could just give my opinion here, I think that companies should have “regular” (of course what is regular?) people model their clothes. I would never buy these jeans if I just saw them on the shopbop model. I guess that’s why I come here to see how they look on celebrities wearing them in different styles and so on. Anyway that’s just my opinion.

  3. Thanks Sophia 🙂 I’m glad DenimBlog helps you for that reason but I do agree, seeing jeans on a celeb actually worn for real makes me want them more than stock photos if I like how they look 🙂

  4. Hey Lorna,
    cute Jeans, great overall-look and you look amazing! Hopefully suns shines a lot from now.
    I am considering ordering them too. I haven’t experience with Paige Denim. My usual 7 for all Mankind size is 32 (I am 5’11) – now I am not sure if I should size down to 31 or even to 30 to get a tight fight. Any suggestions – comparing Paige and 7??

  5. Hey Anette! Thank you for the compliments, I appreciate that! My size in 7s is exactly the same size as my Paige size actually 🙂 How tight do you want them?

  6. 🙂
    I would like to have them flattering & fitted like your shorts are for you- Not baggy at all but also no sausage style – perfect!! Similar to the fit my 7s do have. Because of your comment on the shopbop-web page I am a little confused … there you say: 2 sizes smaller as usual (26?). In your other reviews you are between 27 to 28 but it seems you are slimmer now ?
    Ok, I just wait for your recommdation (I am very excited because the shorts are on sale now and I am searching for a comfortable and good looking shorts for such a long time … and they are on sale now!)

  7. I’m not smaller than I was really, I’m about the same size. I am between a 27 and 28 in Paige jeans, it depends on the cut or wash, just like I am with 7s. I took a 26 because that to me is about 1.5 sizes smaller than my regular size. Mine do still fit a bit loose actually. Are you absolutely a 32 or do you fit between a 31 and 32? How do your 32’s fit you?

  8. Yes, I think am absolutely a 32.
    I just put on my two 7s (normal low rise jeans no leggings and I do not own 7s smaller than this) to check that and they fit perfect – tight as they meant to be but in a comfortable and casual way.
    My 31 Citizens of Humanity give me a muffin top and squeeze my thighs a little 🙂

  9. Maybe you might want to take a 31 then? Since I do vary between a 27 and 28, a 26 worked out for me but if I was definitely a size 28, maybe I would have taken a 27. It’s tough to say when it’s someone elses body. Is there any way you can try these on somewhere? Or order both sizes and return one? I am not sure where you live and where you are buying from so I don’t know about the returning issue for you.

  10. You are right, it’s almost impossible to discuss sizes and fitting on someone elses body – especially if you haven’t seen it 🙂
    I live in Cologne, Germany and I want to order at shopbop. It wouldn’t be the first time I order in the USA but I have never had to do a return overseas.
    At the moment I am highly irritated because the Tiger Lily wash looks quite different on different pictures. I do like your picture and the ones at shopbop/paige but at some of the pictures shown at Nordstrom and Piperlime the wash looks much more extrem. Comparing all of them to me they seem to be completely different washes?? I will reconsider … thanks for your advice, Lorna. I will let you know when I have got my shorts.
    p.s. But this wash differences at the pictures are really strange, aren’t they?

  11. I bought them based on how they looked on Shopbop which was lighter, then on Revolve they looked a bit darker but how they actually look is like my photos, a bit darker. They do look different on every website because each site adjusts the photos with lighting and everything. It is crazy I know! Good luck if you buy them 🙂 I like Shopbop because you get to pay the customs up front!

  12. Thank you 🙂
    Oh, that is an interesting detail about Shopbop, paying customs up in front – that’s really convenient.

  13. After thinking … and thinking … considering your review and the reviews at all the US retailers I decided to order the Jimmys in 30 🙂
    Today the shorts arrived and fit great and not tight except when I roll them up two times then the leg opening is a little narrow. Maybe they stretch out a little? But I like them down or one time rolled up and they are as comfortable as you said. Thanks for your review, Lorna, and your advice I am very happy with my new shorts 🙂

  14. Oh yay!! I’m glad it worked out! I’m sure they look great! I’m not sure about leg openings as I have abnormally small legs for my hip ratio so I always end up with shorts or jeans being too loose in the thigh area so I don’t know. If you love how they look then that’s what counts!! 🙂