Chris Evans in J Brand Trooper Cargos

Chris Evans had a photo session for the promotion of Captain America at Comic-Con in San Diego, California. He wore a pair of the J Brand Trooper Cargos in Vintage Caffeine with a candy&caviar Hayden Oversized Hoodie. Though the name of the sweater is oversized it looks pretty snug on Chris, but he is pretty bulky. I do think that the pants fit him really well.

I was watching some interviews of Chris and he said that he was very hesitant of taking this role. The main reason is that he will be playing the character for six films. So he is frightened that he might not have the passion in film in the 10 years to play the character as he does now. Have any of you readers seen the film? How did you think Chris did? You can click here to purchase these pants at Singer22 for $231.


  1. Does someone know what kind of shoes he’s wearing? It’d also be cool to know what belts are those, I love the color.