Can you guess whose butt this is in J Brand?

Can you guess whose butt this is in a pair of J Brand jeans? I will give you a clue; her butt has become quite famous over here in England and she has just recently inherited some sisterly Royal blood…

It’s Pippa Middleton! With those clues, I am assuming you got it right!

Pippa was picking up some shoes before letting her hair down and shopping along Kings Road in London, England last week while wearing a pair of J Brand jeans. She’s built up quite the denim collection now! It’s funny, whenever I go to London, I never ever see any celebs on the streets, even though there are so many photos of them doing shopping, I never see them. Maybe that might change when I go in 3 weeks time for my birthday to do some shopping! Buy J Brand jeans at

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  1. I guessed right. Ever since that ridiculous wedding dress nonsense I’d recognize that over glorified non existent butt anywhere. he he