Zac Efron in WeSC

Finally a sighting of Zac Efron! He hasn’t been spotted in a while. Zac was spotted out at lunch in Los Angeles, California. He wore his favorite pair of jeans at the moment, his WeSC jeans. I like that when Zac gets a pair of jeans he wears them over an over. It shows that he is more normal than expected.

I do like Zac’s tank. I find white t-shirts an tanks to be one of the most difficult things to find. More than jeans sometimes. Some are just too sheer, some are too stiff, and others don’t fit right. Am I the only one with this problem or do you readers have the same problem? You can click here to purchase WeSC jeans at Karmaloop.


  1. I think so! And some look “too” underwear which are not suitable for wearing out… anyone has some nice brands to recommend??