The Hudson Collection Is Now Available

The Hudson Premium Denim and clothing collection for Spring/Summer 2011 is now available for a very limited time! The items are priced a little higher than regular Hudson Denim and they are available in limited quantities.

The Collection draws from the history of Dogtown and merges the laid back spirit of Venice with a European edge. The colour palette evokes a sunbleached, sandblasted seafront juxtaposed with faded asphalt and indigos born in the 70s. Any of these pieces would be at home in a Venice thrift shop, each telling the story on its years. The garments are softened by time and wear & tear becomes a unique texture of repair stitches and frayed edges.

Paired with these easy, slouchy silhouettes are crisp nautical stripes, slim skinnies, and mini shorts that play with proportional against voluminous parkas and hoodies and capes. Drawstrings, exposed button flies, leather waistbands, and built in scarves are special details that give the garments personality while maintaining a chic and easy vibe. You can check out the collection here.

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  1. These are great jeans…very versatile! Do they come in a skirt version?? Thanks for the great post!