Rachel Bilson in Paige Premium

Rachel Bilson was spotted taking her sisters to the vegetable patch in Moorpark, California over the weekend. She wore a pair of the Paige Premium Silverlake Shorts with Repair in Brisa. She paired it with a white tee, hat, an some Soludo shoes. I didn’t think Rachel would wear the patchwork trend. I like the little patch detail on these shorts. It is very subtle and the washes of the patches compliment the wash of the jeans.

I finally found a flaw in Rachel. Which is not necessarily a flaw for her? More of a perk because it shows she sells products. It is that she always makes me want a new pair of jeans, especially medium/light washed ones. Her Beachwood pair from Paige are still on my “want list” because of her. Click here to purchase Paige jeans at PaigeUSA.