PRVCY To Resume Production

Good news for PRVCY lovers! After halting production after the original owners declared bankruptcy, PRVCY announced that they will be resuming production. Production of the Fall/Winter 2011 line has already resumed and the Spring/Summer 2012 line is also in production. Although the line is under new management, the charitable aim of the original owners has not been lost.

Dan Reardon, the CEO of Omni Ventures spoke about the direction he hopes the brand will take, “The resumption of sales of PRVCY label products is just the beginning of the comeback of this brand in our drive to claim a share in the casual apparel industry. Our team is dedicated to extend the availability of our product to the established customer list as well as expand in new markets both domestically and overseas. We are working on supplementing the sales of the existing inventories by offering new and exciting new products in the near future. We are also planning to further develop the charitable work in support of breast cancer research, which our brands became known for as well as broaden our philanthropic activities by supporting other causes.” You can browse the line’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection online at


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  1. Actually Dan Reardon left the company when he discovered that they were using 2 year old designs and planning a massive stock scam on the public.